Urban Scent


Marie’s story starts with a suitcase of another kind: as a child, a famed master perfumer gave her a little chemistry case for perfumers and told her to keep a scent diary – a formative encounter that would take her on a livelong olfactory journey.

After years as a perfumer for international fragrance companies, Marie and her partner Alexander Urban turned their hunger for new adventures into a new experimental canvas: “Urban Scents”, a perfume manufacture, laboratory and art space that explores all sensual facets a scent can access.

The Urban Scent collection carries a contemporary, yet timeless signature of reduced opulence, featuring pure ingredients that are handmade by independent manufactures and composed with a passionate love for the craft of traditional perfume making.

Bridging traditional French perfume know-how and the unique spirit of the vibrant, inspiring, multi-cultural, creative German capital. Always inspired, she perfects the fine art of fragrance creations for URBAN SCENTS as well as for other brands and scent projects, such as exhibitions, olfactive identities or personalized fragrances.


A mere whiff of a scent can elicit long forgotten memories, it can evoke hidden emotions, and at times, it can even carry you away to worlds unseen. Like a discoverer of terrae incognitae, “Urban Scents” explores the emotional realms a scent can unveil through the craft of elaborate perfume making and experimental concepts with artists of all disciplines to sense scents in different ways.

The manufactury “Urban Scents” specializes in the creation of “made-to-measure” fragrances. The development of a bespoke scent may take weeks, sometimes months. Whoever wishs to embark on this magical journey, will dive into a world of total exclusivity and individuality, where everything, including the flacon and caps are produced by hand.

Marie Urban - Le Febvre allows ample time for intense and personal conversations to exchange thoughts with customers and let them discover the magic and mystery of scents. Together, they will achieve something very exclusive, precious and unique.