In other words, a detail shows the attention given to the product during the creative and manufacturing processes.

Attention to detail means quality for all those products made for customers who want a strong image and the certainty of manufacturing based on very high standards.

Therefore, the importance of detail works on two fronts: it concerns the image, because it makes a product special when observed up close; and it also concerns production, because it requires more attention and effort, which can sometimes mean a higher cost.

The standard of materials used is of primary importance within the overall concept of quality.

Generally, this means using natural materials, from leather (traditionally the most important material used by the brand) to cotton, wool, linen and silk.


This element is found throughout the work and creative efforts of Trussardi. Modernity means knowing how to capture and anticipate evolving tastes.

Knowing how to express and ensure modernity is the result of careful sensibility that blends personality, creativity, and inspiration with an objective vision of tomorrow and the ability to anticipate the future to offer the right product at the right moment.

Modernity also means having an ability to present a classic, elegant product with characteristics that make it modern and fresh.