T London scents come from treasured moments the founder and creative director Jayne experiences on her adventures around the globe: times when the stars seem to align and the world feels just… right. T London uses fragrance to bring these memories to life, to create new moods and sensations for you to enjoy.

Each of the T London collections is crafted to help boost your mood in a distinctive style, whether you’re home or away. These are products to seduce the senses in the home, work, hotel or spa, to conjure up memories and surround you in evocative aroma.

At T London, the perfumers blend the complex fragrances of different atmospheres and places with the aromatic essential oils of handpicked spices, fruits, grasses and flowers.

Come on a journey with us to the bright positivity of the Darjeeling hills, the easy balance of the Dimbula Mountains and the adrenaline of the Argentinean plains. It’s the way the light falls, the sounds, the landscape, textures and aromas...

Fragrance is such an amazing thing, you can almost paint with it. It conjures memories and gives you space to escape to – to pause, reset and move on. We take all this into the mix to leave you feeling recharged and ready for the next adventure.


DARJEELING, blended for positivity. Inspired by the tea gardens and hill stations of the East Indian Himalayas, the collection has zesty lemongrass, a sun-drenched twist of citrus, a shot of spicy nutmeg and a base of rich black tea. Steeped in fragrant essential oils and natural botanical extracts, Darjeeling revitalises and reawakens the body and mind, no matter how hard the day or how long the journey.

YERBA MATÉ, blended for focus & clarity. Inspired by the steeped leaf infusion of Argentina and South America, the collection features a hit of petitgrain citrus, a crush of green maté leaves, the exotic depths of guaiac wood over an earthy vetiver base. Steeped in aromatic essential oils and natural botanical extracts, Yerba Maté energises the mind and body, helping you to think freely and clearly, wherever you are.

DIMBULA, blended for equilibrium. Inspired by the mountains of Sri Lanka, the collection has crushed cardamom, a spicy hit of black peppercorn, black tea and coriander over a warm, reassuring cedarwood base. Steeped in aromatic essential oils and natural botanical extracts, Dimbula harmonises the mind and body wherever you are, creating a feeling of calm balance.