Muro is a lifestyle. +To be about lifestyle is to reflect on life (which is in itself a journey)…

Muro exists to share the aesthetics we have adopted along the way… and have tailored it through functional design for your senses< true creative value over trends, never overreach, & above all always do the opposite of what is expected. Inspire your surroundings.

Muro wants to enhance one’s surroundings with an array of natural fragrances. Through various mediums of scent Muro presents a level of classic craftsmanship together with timeless design. Different scents, different occasions, different moods, stories and journeys to be experienced through Muro.


Like a burning incense, Muro Scents Co. will create a well paced hype by implementing cultural marketing strategies (exhibitions, galleries, films, art books, musical venues, etc.) using scent.

Muro is a collective of ideas, cultures and people from different backgrounds creating an aspirational lifestyle with the idea to transcend cultural and social barriers. Taking inspiration from our global narrative and translating it to a more accessible and contemporary heritage. We will do this by investigations into the idiosyncratic rituals steeped in different world cultures with an emphasise on craftsmanship and artistry.

Muro sets a mood that will permanently place the company on the forefront of olfactory marketing. We will calibrate and enhance moods with traditional aromatherapy.


Reminiscent of the incense ceremonies of the nobility of distant lands. The indelible connection of fragrance and memory collide as the ultimate vehicle for time travel.

Kyara, is a delicate blend of wood and floral: Agarwood, Amori Hiba, Cherry Blossom and Orange - as fleeting as a sunset sky.