Essenzialmente Laura


Since 1986, Laura Bosetti Tonatto, a professional “nose”, known all over the world, creates perfumes for major cosmetic companies and customized mélanges.

She is the only expert in the field that has been able to express the relationship between art, science and culture in general. Important works of art have inspired the birth of some of her perfumes. Through a long process of analysis and study of the artworks, Laura Bosetti Tonatto has been able to turn these artistic suggestions in fragrances, which became masterpieces to be perceived through the most unusual of the senses: smell.

Laura Bosetti Tonatto has created a customized collection for the Queen Elizabeth II of England.

In 2012, on November 26th, with the decree of the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, she was awarded with the honor of Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.


The products of the “Essenzialmente Laura” collection have been made using raw ingredients of the highest quality from the most renowned laboratories in the world.

They are personally selected by Laura Bosetti Tonatto, ensuring her intellectual property and originality by putting her signature on every bottle: the unmistakable way of recognising

the art and essence of Laura. The entire collection is produced and packaged by hand in Italy using artisanal methods, combining the secrets of french and oriental perfumery, and refined by Laura in the most prestigious schools and most exclusive laboratories.

The creation of fragrances, the quality control protocol, infusions and the packaging process are personally supervised by Laura Bosetti Tonatto with constant and thorough care. No dyes or mineral oils are used in the formulations. Products are not tested on animals and do not contain any substances of animal origin.