Beauty develops from the inside out. The brand is named after our five inward senses, which centuries ago were referred to as our five wits: Imagination, Fantasy, Wit, Instinct, Memory.

That is what distinguishes each of us to be the unique characters that we are. Five Wits is a brand built on the power of personal presentation.

FIVE WITS ARE YOUR SOLDIERS: the creative force behind how we express ourselves.


Since launching Blackstones in 2007, Joey Silvestera has quietly become a New York best-kept secret, building a clientele of editors, designers, musicians and artists by word of mouth. A former taxidermist who honed his skills at Toni & Guy, Mudhoney and Beauty Parlour, which he co-founded, Silvestera specializes in the narrative of a look, personalized for each client. It's an emphasis on creative storytelling that continues right down to the Five Wits name, a reference to an old English term for the senses — which, back then, included instinct and imagination.