Acqua dell'Elba

The essence of an island

Acqua dell'Elba is a perfume, not just a fragrance, but an essence like no other; the essence of an island.

In the Acqua dell’Elba laboratories, we have always pursued excellence thanks to the high quality of the raw materials and precision of our workmanship, inspired by the age-old traditions of the renaissance craftsman’s studio. We carry out constant research and make only a limited quantity, owing to the difficulties in finding and selecting the raw materials and the need for a slow production technique.

Every product is the result of a creative process. As skilled craftsmen, we carry out and check the production, using only methods based on our ability and expertise.


The mission of the company and the brand can be therefore summed up in the desire to offer products to the consumer that, while maintaining the excellence of the quality (both for the manufacturing techniques and for the quality of the raw materials), are condensing and representing not only the deepest essence of a unique, special environment as is the island of Elba, but also that of the entire sea: the marine environment where the system of values, the natural characteristics and landscapes, the scents, the rites and myths and the lifestyles are reflected in the products that are truly unique and incomparable.